What can I tell about Rex?  At least that he knew very well how to find his place in my canine gang.

Rex arrived at our house in June 2008 at the age of 3 months.  Guillaume took care to do a space where we was protected of the dogs, Rex needed it for less then 24 hours.  Pomme, same age then him, became his best friend but Rex has a very good relation with all the dogs.  The big ones are great to sleep beside, to be in a warm spot (as us humans !!!) and the small ones, the best friends to play and run together.  Rex follows us regularly in our summer and autumn walks and he does really well.  Occasionnally Rex is good to help me in osteopathy treatment and is always ready to "help" us in our works...  He's very good too to run after and bring back his paper's ball.

Rex put a feline touch in our two and four legged family !