Elevage Nicha  Enr. 

Belgian Shepherd Dog Tervuren / Belgian Tervuren
Shetland Sheepdog

Photo Clément Morin, Poils & Compagnie


AAC Regional 2007

All the Nicha teams who was entered and who all qualified !

Marie-Noelle and Sonic, Guillaume and Spirit, Yvan et Laika, Nova and Michele and Charisme, Weave and Brigitte, Eliot and Suzanne.  

In front: Nitro and Lucie, Copine (runs with Suzanne)


Hello, I’m very happy to welcome you in my web site.  I hope you will have a good time.  I loved dogs since a long time, since my birth then...  No, you won’t know my age so easily !  After having completed my veterinarian education, I began to work at Rimouski, in my beautiful place of “ Bas St-Laurent” in Quebec, Canada.  Three years after, my first Belgian Shepherd Dog Tervueren (or Belgian Tervuren) entered in my life and the love’s pact for the breed was signed forever ! 

Since this famous 1986 “date”, many facts happened in my life.  The more important one is the birth of my son Guillaume in 1994.  And I have to many others with the dogs, with Guillaume, so many memories and still so many to come!   Guillaume started the agility with Nova and also our Sheltie Winnie.

This beautiful place has a problem ; all the show’s places are far.  No I don’t stay far, it’s the other places who are far.  It asks to me more energy, time and money but we’re so well here. 

The canine world are fascinating with his good and bad sides.  It gives the opportunity to meet friends, real friends who have the same passion that us, I hope here to share it with you.

Have a good time!



Dre Michèle Gauvin MV
Rimouski, Québec
Téléphone : (418) 735-2880

I want to thank a lot Annie Roussel who was there at the beginning of my website, who created it and who still help me regularly with and also Isabelle Bouchard who took take of it for a while.