Classy's Winnie de Nicha ADC, AGI, HIC, CGC
Am Can CH Classy’s Diesis x Glen Corry’s I Love Lucy


Sire: am / can CH Classy’s Diesis (sable) x Dam: Glen Corry’s I Love Lucy (sable)

Birth: November 29th 1999

Hanches et Coudes : OVC 010730
Yeux:  CERF ok Septembre 2001
Thyroïde:   Ok

WINNIE or the Belgian team's intrusion.

CH Classy’s Winnie de Nicha AADC is a beautiful Shetland Sheepdog girl.

I was unsure on my son's capacities to work with a Belgian in agility because of his young age.  Ok I was in the error!!!  Then my teenager love came back in my mind and after few researchs, Winnie entered in our house in January 2000.  Not easy to take your place in this gang but she did great and adapted herself very well.  Already at the age of 3 months old, she was following us in our big walks in the snow.  Her big friend became Charisme, they had great time to "attack" each other on their cushion and everywhere in the house.  She has as much energy and speed as the Belgian.

Winnie  had great agility potentiel and it's with Guillaume, of course, that she did her beginning. After only one agility's season in 2001,  the team "Guillaume at 6½ years old and Winnie at 1½ years old" had finished two agility titles; the ADC and the AGN (Novice in CKC and AAC).

Winnie lives now with a good friend and her grand-daughter (from Charade) not too far and we have the chance to see her regularly.


Guillaume et Winnie, Novice 
l'AAC, 29 Septembre 2001