Nicha Sonic Mach Three CD AADC CDDA HIC CGC
am Ch Paco Van Marafmar x Ch Nicha Mistral des Origines CD

Hips OFA: BT-4112E45F-PI 
Elbows OFA: 
Eyes: normal Autumn 2004
normal Autumn 2004


Sonic, what a great bitch, she came from amCH Paco Van Marafmar.  From this breeding, I had exceptional working dogs with great temperament.  Put a good type in that, I had dogs complet on all points.  Sonic's mother is the sweet and beautiful Mistral (CH Nicha Mistral des Origines CD), herself is from Glam du Sart des Bois, French Specialty winner and my dear Bemol.  As puppy, Sonic left us to go to live with a friend; Marie-NoŽlle CŰtť at Montreal.  Marie-NoŽlle had a lot of projects with her and Sonic was in great hands since Marie-NoŽlle loves the action as a good Belgian.  Sonic took from dad's beautiful working drive as from mom too and their beauty.  She did a bit of obedience, none conformation ring (she would have done her canCH easily) but she did and still do a LOT of agility.  This team gave me the honor (as breeder) to be part of the Canadian agility team; the CAT during three years and went to the Agility Mondial competition.  I'm very proud.  From the first Sonic's litter, I kept Spirit for my son and I sold to Eleanor and Greg a really promissing puppy but I didn't know he was soooo promissing; Dylan who won a lot of great wins in both country (Canada and USA).


Nouveau CD, Sonic avec Marie-NoŽlle, Avril 2002
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