AKC's trials and Shows at West Springfields, Massachussetts, USA: Agility and conformation from November 26th to 28th 2010

Conformation's side: 

    . Spirit (ATChC CH Nicha Spirit Libre Comme l'Air CDX HITs BVC AGX AGXJ NA NAJ) with Michele Gauvin, did Best Female for a 3 points Majeur on Friday, in way for her amCH.  First time showed (if we forget the ABTC Specialty on the Spring 2009)

    . Beaumont (Nicha Beaumont Gaja Prachtige Hond), son of amCH Chateau Blanc's Gold Reserve HT x amCH MACH Nicha Cos D'Estournel, owned by Robyn Corenza and showed by Michele Gauvin for this time, did a 3 points Majeur too on Friday, he has now 6 points trough his amCH.

    . Suka (Nicha Makogami Sake), son of amCH Chateau Blanc's Gold Reserve HT x amCH MACH Nicha Cos D'Estournel, with Judith Bossé, won also a 3 points Major, first time showed in the USA and only his second weekend in conformations's show on Sunday.

Agility's side:

    . Spirit with Michele Gauvin had 5Q on 5 runs in Open (Standard and Jumper with Weave), three first places, one second place and one third place in Open (Standard and Jumper).  On Sunday, she was running in Jumper excellent, very good run but the handler (grrrrrrrrrrrrrr me !) did a little mistake and she took a refusal because of that, Spirit was perfect that weekend and if it was not my mistake, she would had a perfect weekend !!!

    . Enzo (Nicha Enzo le Desiré) with Helene Berube, was again very remarked by his speed and exploits but some little mistakes prevented him to have some "Q".

    . Reeta (amCH MACH Nicha Cos d'Estournel) with Ros Arienti, did great runs all weekend and she qualified for the Invitational AKC National who will be hold on the Spring 2011.

    . Jukka (Nicha Beaux Freres Pinot Noir OAJ NA), son of am/canCH U-WPCH Gaelera Big Mtn Brennerain TD CGC HIC SARcertified x amCH MACH Nicha Cos d'Estournel, with Ros Arienti, finished his Standard Open on Saturday and he runs now in excellent in both.


Canadian Kennel Club's agility compilations for 2009

    . Eliot (ATChC CH Nicha Nichien c'est Eliot CDX AGX AGXJ) with Suzanne Labrie finished in First place for the fastest dogs (verges by second) in Standard, in fourth place in Jumper with Slalom and in fourth place for the total points for a Belgian Shepherd Dog.

   . Copine (ATChC Nicha Copine Rose AGX AGXJ) with Suzanne Labrie finished in ninth position for the fastest dogs in Jumper with weave and finished in second position for the accumulated total points for a Shetland and in eighth position all breeds included incluses !!!!

    . Congratulations for Suzanne with her two teamates !



AAC Agility trials hold at Quebec and by "les Mordus des concours d'agilité", September 9th to 11th 2010

    . HOUPPI, HOUPPI, HOUPPI, Spirit (CH Nicha Spirit Libre Comme l'air CDX HITs AGX AGXJ NA NAJ) with me finished her MSDC (Snooker excellent title) and then by the same way her ATChC (Agility Trial Champion of Canada) on Sunday.  Thank to my son Guillaume to have started the training and the competition with her and did her first titles.

    . Great weekend for Yquem (CH Nicha Chateau d'Yquem Sauternes AGN AGNJ) and me: Saturday, she finished her ADC (Agility Dog of Canada), on Sunday she started and finished her AADC (Advanced Agility Dog of Canada, her advanced standards in fact) and on Monday, she finished her Novice games then her  SGDC.  I'm very proud of my little girl !



Agility CKC trials at Chomedey-Laval on September 18th and 19th 2010

    . Oslo (OTCHC Nicha Legende d'Oslo ADC), with Elaine Lapointe, did his AGN title (Novice Standard) and also his AGNJ title (Novice Jumper with weaves), a beautiful 6Q on 6 runs !!

    . Yquem, with me, finished her AGNJ title and she "Q" also in her Standard inter.



Agility CKC at St-Lazare on September 11 and 12th 2010

    . Yquem, with me, did her Standard Novice B title "AGN".  Yquem did 5Q on 6 runs, of course, the "NQ" is the handler's fault...

    . Spirit, with me, finished her Standard Excellent A title "AGX".


Cornwall District Kennel Club's dog shows, at Ingleside, on september 4th

    . Terri "Nicha Vulcan Logic RN (CKC), RNMCL (Caro)", with Dorothy Hansen, finished her RN title (Rally Novice with the CKC)


USDAA NE regional championship at Logan Township, NJ, USA on August 26th to 29th 2010

    . The little beauty Copine (Nicha Copine Rose), with Suzanne Labrie, won the first place in the Grand Prix class and second place in the Steeplechase then she qualifies for the USDAA Nationala hold later this year.

At Long Sault, Ontario in August 2010

    . Oslo, with Elaine Lapointe, finished the OTCHC title in three trials only !!!!  It's a very big title and in so few trials, Congratulation to Elaine and Oslo.  It's now the 10th OTCHC title for a Nicha dog.

    . The same weekend, the same team; Oslo and Elaine, finished his Rallye-advanced with a 100/100 for his last leg, WOAH !!!



Big oversight on the CHs page, not proud of me: Nicha Tel Qu'un Mystere CD amCD/CGC  "Tyler" with Sandy Stealy, finished his canCH in 1994.  Tyler was the brother of my dear Bemol.


AAC National at Calgary, Alberta from August 6th to 8th 2010.

    . I'm proud to tell that in the big group of entered teams for our 10th National, 5 Nicha dogs with their owners were there: Reckless with Laurie Keith, Copine with Suzanne Labrie, Eliot with Suzanne Labrie, Zut with me and Spirit with meZut, in the 10 inches classe regular, finished at the 8th position (we were second after the first day but the handler...) et Spirit finished at the 13th position 61 teams.  Congratulations to everyonee (organisators, volunteers and participants) and particulary to the Nichas and their owners.    


Canada Cup, AAC Agility trials at Royacker, On in July 2010
    . Eliot (ATChC CH Nicha nichien c'est Eliot CDX AGX AGXJ) with Suzanne Labrie won the first place in the final jumper and the second place in the Steeplechase.


AAC Agility Regional 2010 in June 26th and 27th, hold at St-Etienne de Lauzon, Qc

    . I'm very proud, many "NICHA" were there as competitors avec beautiful wins on the result plans and/or personnal plans.  Congratulations to Sonicka with Guy Lacoursiere, Copine with Suzanne Labrie, Nitro with Lucie Dessureault, Zut with moi, Fame with Lise Ruel, Moggie with Louise Bertrand, Suka with Heather McFarlane, Eliot with Suzanne Labrie, Enzo with Helene Berube, Weave with Brigitte Sylvain and finally Spirit with me.

    . Zut, with me, finished her AGDC (advanced games dogs of Canada).  She needed only an advanced gambler advanced that we did on Friday June 25th 2010.


Weekend of May 29 and 30th in the USA

    . Reeta (amCH Nicha Cos d'Estournel), with Ros Arienti, finished her MACH on Saturday, first MACH for Nicha Dog, CONGRATTULATIONS to Reeta and Ros !!!

    . Parker (Nicha Frontier Red), a Reeta's son and Yquem's brother, with Sandy Shaw, finished his amCH on Saturday too, HOUPPI, the 61th championship in conformation for Nicha.


AAC agility trials on May 2010

    . Oslo (Nicha Legende d'Oslo) with Elaine Lapointe started and finished his ADC


For fun, I decided to count the championship in the different canine sports done by Nicha dogs or dogs owned by Nicha.  Nicha is very very proud to announce that we have now (after the last weekend at Mont-Joli); 61 conformation championships all the associations included, details: 8 canCH for the Shetlands, 44 canCH for Belgians, 2 FCC CH for Belgians, 1 UKC CH a Belgian et 6 AKC CH for the Belgians.  Also on obedience side: 9 OTCh pour des Belges, didn't want to count the HIT, too much, and in agility, we can count;  4 championships in the Shetlands (2 AGMCH et 2 ATChC) et 14 championships in the Belgians (4 AGMCH et 10 ATChC).  I stopped here, didn't count the bronze, silver, gold and the different type of run, sorry I'm loosing myself !!!!


Conformation and Obedience's shows, Club Canin Bas St-Laurent inc at Mont-Joli on May 8-9th 

    . Great weekend for Nicha; 3 new conformation CH, 6 Best of breed, 1 Group placement, 2 new CDX and 3 HITs, details:

        . Nicha Mon Tout est une Charade (sheltie), with me, finished her CH with a Group 4th on Saturday and another BOB on Sunday

        . Nicha Bojan en CarpeDiem, with Karen Lauzier, finished her CH and did 3 BOB

        . Nicha Chateau d'Yquem Sauternes, with me, finished her CH  and took one BOB

            Thanks a lot to Roxanne Charron who helped us with our Belgian girls in conformation because Karen and I were often in conflict with the obedience.  You did a great job with our Belgian girls.

        . Nicha Harmonie d'Automne CD AADC SGDC, with Nadia Beaulieu, finished her CDX

        . BPISS Nicha Jipsy de l'Hidalgo CDX BVC ADC SGDC RN, with Isabelle Bouchard, did an HIT 

        . CH Nicha Spirit Libre Comme l'Air CD HITs AGI AGXJ MADC MGDC MJDC NA NAJ, with me, finished her CDX with a HIT on Saturday and repeat the HIT on Sunday.



ABTC National 2010 at Pottsboro in Texas in May

    . Parker (Nicha Frontier Red) with Sandy Shaw was there and did great; three times in the rings (Rally, sweeptakes and conformation) and he won a ribbon every times and a title in Rally: He got a 94 in Rally Novice B (3rd leg for his RN title), he took 2nd place in Sweeps, Puppy Dog 12-18 Months class, he took 3rd place in Dogs, 12-18 months class.  Congratulations to the teams (Sandy and Parker for the Rally, Anna and Parker in conformation)


Club d'Agilite des deux Rives' Trials on April 24th and 25th 2010

    . Zut (CH Grandgables Boot Camp Baby ADC AADC SGDC AGI AGIJ) with me, had a very good weekend; 3Q on 4 runs, of course the NQ is my fault...  No new title.

    . Spirit (CH Nicha Spirit Libre Comme l'Air CD HITs AGI AGMJ MGDC MADC MJDC) did very well too, still with myself, had 3Q on 4 runs, no new titles neither.

    . Suka (CH Nicha Suka Spirit Chaser), with Louise Bertrand as handler for that weekend, did two nice "Q" 


April 21th 2010, GREAT NEW !

    . The members of the new CAT (Canadian Agility Team) who will represent the CANADA in Germany on the Automn 2010 were announced.  Congratulations to everyone and particulary to two NICHAs: ATChC AGMCH Nicha Copine Rose CD with Suzanne Labrie and ATChC AGMCH CH Nicha Vous Avez Dit Nitro with Lucie Dessureault.  Hip Hip Hip Hourra to these two teams and thanks to the owners, it's possible because of you !


Mordus de l'Agilite's Trials on Marsh 27th and 28th 2010

. Suka (CH Nicha Suka Spirit Chaser) with Heather did 5 Q’s on the weekend.  1 standard, 1 steeplechase, 2 gambler and 1 jumper

. Moggie (ATChC Nicha Mohegan The Lone Wolf) with Louise had a good weekend – 3 Q’s

. Spirit (CH Nicha Spirit Libre comme l'air HITs CD MADC MGDC AGI AGXJ NA NAJ) with me had a great day, she was entered in two runs, we had 2Q with a new title: MJDC, her puppies were just 7 weeks and 2 days old.  I was so proud and she was so happy to be back on the agility !


. Dylan (BISS UKC/can CH Nicha Dylan at Chantryile RN), with Eleanor Heagy, would like to brag that he earned his CARO Rally Advanced title on February 27th at the Rat Pack trial (at Campaign Obedience) with two High in Classes (scores of 198 and 200), and a 195. The trial was full, with 175 runs. We lost the runoff for HIT to a cute girl black lab whom Dylan saw for the first time as we went into the ring, and he was convinced she was his own true love (black + girl + BSD-sized = GIRLFRIEND!). 


. On February 5th 2010, Spirit gave birth to 9 wonderful puppies.  If you want to see them, click here