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(if I forgot to write something about one of the Nicha's dog or did a mistake, sorry and please let me know with details, I will correct that as fast as possible)





ABTC (American Belgian Tervuren Club) National Specialty hold at Omaha, Nebraska from May 6th to May 12th 2012

    . It was a great week (I imagine, I was not able to go !  grrrrrr!): Two great dogs from Nicha kennel took "Award of Merit" at the Best In Show Specialty judgement.  The dogs are amCH Nicha Frontier Red RN, BN, amCD "Parker" owned by Sandy Shaw and myself and canCH/BPIS/BISS, U-GrCH/BISS amCH Nicha's Dylan at Chantryile CD(AKC), RA(CARO), RA(CKC), RN(UKC), FCT(UBSDA), HIC "Dylan" owned by Eleanor Heagy and Greg Storms.  Thanks so much to their owners who show these dogs to their best and then we can see their qualities !


Conformation shows and obedience trials with "Le Club Canin du Bas St-Laurent inc" on May 5th-6th 2012

    . I'm so happy of my "girls"; Yquem finished her CD on Saturday morning and Sundy morning she won her first HIT (High In Trial), I hope it's not her only one !!!  Spirit on her side, showed in CDX, in both PM won the two HIT (High In Trial).

    . Diem (Nicha en Carpediem) with Karen Lauzier finished also her CD on Saturday, congratulations Karen.

    . "Tomba" Cami Deabei, who was at his first shows' weekenden, did 4 points with his major through his CH and won a Best Puppy in Group.  And all that even with all the food on the ground that his nose was smelling and his mouth WANTED to eat, hard to run this way...


AAC Trials, Club d'Agility des Deux Rives on April 21th and 22th 2012

    . With a little bit more training but really not a lot (still snow at my home): Yquem was so great, we finished her excellent standard for her MADC and her Jumper excellent for her MJDC, the ATCHC is closer...  Mina had a great weekend too with great runs, just 2Q but very nice runs with speed and happiness !  We practice our team's work !





AAC Trials at  Les Mordus d'Agilité Marsh 31th and April first 2012

    . After a winter  without training (we have snow here !!!), we had still great runs with Spirit, Yquem and Mina (her first official trials) with myself as handler.  Spirit my "experience girl" had 4Q on 4 runs with great speed and great working team, I was so happy.  Spirit took then her EXPERT STANDARD BRONZE and her VERSATILITY BRONZE AWARD.  Yquem, great speed, beautiful working team but just few "Q", we still had a beautiful title, her first Master title; Master Gambler title "MGDC" with a great fourth gambler with a lot of points in the opening and a great finish.  Mina, well great super energy, very happy girl with a very promissing speed, only few "Q" but still one "Q" en Novice Standard and one in Novice Snooker, you can see the snooker on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgfc9a2vJrc


Zut: On Marsh 24th 2012, confirmed pregnancy HOUPPI !!


Zut was bred to Inox on February 24th, 25th and 26th 2012 then puppies at the end of April 2012

On the same weekend, all the Yquem x Dylan's puppies left for their new homes, snif, snif for me but great new owners very happy, great new friendships and old ones just better !




. I should put that new in 2011 but it's so between...  Yquem gave birth on December 31th (I was waiting the first year puppies but...) from 0h18 to 03h00, 8 puppies in 2h45.  One puppy was dead but we had 7 healthy puppies (5 males and 2 females).  The dad is the great "Dylan" Nicha Dylan Chantryile