Nicha's next breeding will be done next autumn (2014) between the super, talented and beautiful Aijatar and my very dear Yquem, so deeply important to me and so beautiful !

Two exceptional structures, two exceptional temperaments, two dogs with great health, this is the great gift from me to myself and the future owners.  Thank you so much Patricia Biggins for giving me the opportunity to do this breeding.  Both have their CH in their country (USA and Canada), both have exceptional working drive and willingness to please, both are beautiful to look at.  This breeding is done with great respect for the breed and their versatility, for the very active and focused complete dog.  Aijatar (Slovakian import) has a big desire to work, his life center is Patricia for whom he will do anything she asks of him.  Yquem, no words !  Yquem, I love her so much, I love to work with her, I love just what she is, any part of what she is, what she gives me.  She has a superb structure, although Aijatar's may be a bit better !!!

Aijatar's mother is a Tervuren from working Malinois line with a very beautiful feminine look, I'm bringing in new blood and we need it.  Aijatar's father is the great, great Prot Deabei who is a great stud dog and who is himself a great working dog and beautiful one too.  Yquem's mother is the "perfect" Reeta and that on all points, she has a so solid temperament, a temperament to dream for.  Yquem's father, the beautiful Truman, is a superb dog who excels in herding, he's a great champion in this sport and superb in the conformation side too.





amCH Grimm Elmar Slovakia CD HITs

ATChC BOSS CH Nicha Chateau d'Yquem Sauternes AGX AGIJ NA CD HITs

Aijatar's health tests: Yquem's health tests:
Hips : BT-5857G24M-VPI good Hips: BT-5463G25F-VPI good
Elbows : BT-EL3074M24-VPI normal Elbows: BT-EL2698F25-VPI normaux
Eyes' OFA result: BT-EYE192/27M-VPI Eyes OFA's result: BT-EYE169/57F-VPI (2013-10-29)
Thyroid: BT-TH745/34M-VPI (2013-10-10) Thyroid: Normale, TgAA négatif (2013-09-10)

Sire: amCH Grimm Elmar Slovakia CD HITs

Sire: Ich.s.Ch.Jch.PROT Deabei

Sire: Corsini Valentino

Sire: Ch.RE. Gourou des Crepuscue des Loups

Dam: Ch. Corsini Milenium

Dam: s.r.ICh. Delphine Erlander

Sire: s.r.Ch.Djaegar van de Lamar

Dam: Ch.Xeres Grimmendans

Dam:Karla z Polytanu

Sire: Crog v. Further Moor

Sire: Stoned van de Duvetorre

Dam: Aika der Sonne entgegen

Dam: R. CAC Yndy z Polytanu

Sire: Cartouce Bomazde

Dam: Clea Leitman

Dam: ATChC CH Nicha Chateau d'Yquem Sauternes CD AGX AGIJ NA HIT 

Sire: amCH Chateau Blanc Gold Reserve HSCx HICx HXCs

Sire: am + Norv CH Joffrey du Parc de Montfleury

Sire: RE Carey du Bois du Tôt HD-A2

Dam: Astrée du Périgord Vert HD-A

Dam: amCH Chateau Blanc's Desert Wind HSCx HICx HSCx

Sire: Vallivue Bon Chance

Dam: amCH Zoe de Chateau Blanc CDX OA

Dam: amCH MACH2 Nicha Cos d'Estournel

Sire: amCH Outlaw de la Clairière aux Louves

Sire: R.E. Topaze de l'Ocre Noir

Dam: Mandy de la Clairière aux Louves

Dam: ATCHC CH Nicha Indiana Rose des Sables CDX HIT

Sire: Maigret de la Tangi Morgane

Dam: OTCH CH Nicha Symphonie en Mi Bémol VAADC



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