You leave us so fast, I had so many projects for you, for us.  The life can be so hard, an accident took your life at your 2 years old birthday.  You were supposed to show me your mom's capacities soon, we were becoming a great agility team (we were working on that) and a friend already told me that you were THE sheltie I may do the utility with in obedience because of your great and solid character.  Your character very strong, your stability, your happiness, your great beauty, all the dogs were your friends because you knew how to deal with everyone individually and in group, all the humans too were great friends.  I don't know how to live without you.  I hope that you will be able to come back inside of another little sheltie monster (girl).  As somebody wrote me; we have another star in the sky named Pomme and I answered back; yes but a shooting star !

Ch Tervfect Pomme de Nicha
CH Moorwood Caribbean Blue At Sunsweet (FI) X Stone Mills Deuces are Wild

Born on: 25 mars 2008

Hips OVC: 0041884

Elbows OVC: 0041884
Eyes : Normal in November 2009
Thyroid: TgAA neg, T4 and TSH normal in September 2009
BAER test normal in September 2009


Dear Pomme

she wasn't really supposed to stay but I were not able to give away the beautiful caracter strongness, not strong as stunburn but strong as very stable, not afraid and her joyce to run and live.  These are the reasons why I was not able to give her away.

Pomme comes from a litter done by my great friend Monique Boucher.  Monique knew that this puppy had great potentiel and she was hoping that she would done more then just a companion dog (who is still a great job to do).  For a while, we were afraid by her size and then when I took her home, it was to look at her growing and depend if she would turn too tall or not, I would have sell her as companion dog or place her to maybe use her in my breeding program later because my canine gang was enough complete; 3 tervurens with one to come, one sheltie and one cat.

Pomme had took another decision and with her beautiful strong caracter, her great structure, her joyce for life and the fact that she stayed in the standard, I had to keep her.  A thousand of sorry to my friend Emmanuelle who wanted her because she had saw too her great potentiel...

Pomme finished her canCH in October and the day after, she took a Group 3 from the class.  In agility, we have a great beginning, the speed is there but the team still have to work on the team work !!!!!

This is Pomme, I'm sure the future will be full of great surprise !