I have the huge chance to have you in my life but for a too short period; from your birth until 11 years old you were part of our activities (or we were part of yours !!!).  After you went to live with friends' of mine, I didn't know before how much I (we) will miss you then even before you left our world but I knew we were in GREAT hands in Emilie, Alex and Hubert's ones who loved you so much too and you suffer of your lost too.  No dog can't be more complete then you were and still are in our mind !  Your presence, your wins (all kind of wins) even with my mistakes did of you one of the best representative of the breed.  Thanks Nova for the continuing education you gave to us, humans !

CH OTCH  ATChC AGMCH Nicha Nova une Étoile est Née

CACs CACIBs Golan Van de Wielander IPO3 GG3 X Ch Nicha Mistral des Origines CD

From latine : A star who sparkle recently@, this descripted very well this beautiful young lady.  Born on September 28th 98, she's so beautiful and sweet and possessive and loving and with a lot of talents and ...  Just too bad I lost her in 2000, my five years old son decided she was HIS dog but with a lot of: please, please, please… he gave her back to me.  OK not before I gave him another dog, I’m not a bad mother!!! 

She obtained her CD at 20 months old (I have less energy and time that before!!!) with 2 HITs and a Dog Award.  I lost the third HIT by my fault, I was too nervous.  She obtained her CDX in 2002.  Nova gives me the possibility to realize some dreams: one of these is the HIT at the ABTC Specialty at Gray Summit, Missouri in 2003.

Conformation side, we took our time, she finished in 2004 in style.

Guillaume and Nova started agility; their first trial was in September 2000 at Quebec city.  Guillaume was 5 years old at that time.  Nova worked like a queen for him but later Guillaume let me took Nova back and started the agility with our Sheltie.  After Nova and I obtained different titles mixed with some litters, she finished her ATChC in November 2005 by a team relay with Guillaume and Winnie.  What the best for a mother to finish the ATChC with her son and by the way, Winnie obtained her MTDC.  Until here, I realized many others dreams in agility with Nova: 4 podiums at the AAC National.  One in 2004 at Montreal, the fourth place and one at Saskatoon in 2005, a fifth place.  What is special with that fifth place it’s that Nova was out of the training since 1½ months for a really bad cut at a big paw.  In 2007, we won the first place in the 22 inches class veterans at the AAC National and in 2008 the third place in the same class.

After a big break in obedience, we returned on training to do her OTCh.   We finished that title at our show with the CCBSL in Mont-Joli.   This OTCh is my fourth one and not the last !  Nick, Chad and Bemol were the ones who gave me the third first ones!

She thinks she's a small dog and she loves to jump directly in our arms and put her head on our shoulder.  We called her affectively our “permanent lacking of petting case”.   



fête de 8 ans

Nova + C-4