July 7th 1986 / April 1st 2000


Nick has been an wonderful dog and I could speak and speak about him.  Speak about him and forget anything, impossible.  I will give you here, the article I wrote for the BSCC (Belgian Sheepdog Club of Canada) to announce the last of this friend so important for me.  But first I will tell you that : Nick is born July 7th 1986.  He finished his canCH at 10½ months old, did his CD at 12 months old with some HITs and a Dog Award.  His CDX was done at 15 months old with another Dog Award and his Utility at 3 years old, more exactly at 38 months old.  He was an very performant dog and he “understood” the exercices, not just doing it without undertand !  I could tell you many stories about that but too long to tell here.  

Nick has been an wonderful obedience dog and could be to excel in any canine sport if his owner have had soome knowledge about them.  He had more then 30 HITs.  All that with an owner with her first dog, haven’t take obedience class because non-existent around our house.  I trained alone with my felling and some friends’ advices that I was meeting in different canine shows.  A judge and trainer already told me that the dog researhs his own interest even in obedience.  The Nick’s one should be to be with me and to be pleased with me.

This his the text that I put in the BSCC magazine, summer 2000 :

You were my first dog and, for many things, you were the best.  You were so good with everyone (human) but Ok you were a male, a real male...  You’re the one who gave me the opportunity to begin in the dog world ; I love that and won (in different ways !!!).  Your best part was obedience with over thirty HITs.  I’m sure that you could excel in everything that you could try.  When you were “a bit old”, I discovered freestyle and I tried a song with you, I found one done for you : “You’re the best” by Tina Turner : you were very good.  You loved to give your show yes but more you loved to be pleasant with me, tried to bring me happiness all the time, more when I was sad or mad.  For all the times that I cried in your fur or laughed, I just can say : Thanks, thanks for being here.  Your best place, where you wanted to be more than anywhere else, was beside me.  Even at 13 years old, you were so happy if I asked you for a “heel exercise” or any other exercises.

Thanks, Nick, for helping me to discover myself and this wonderful breed, you were an excellent ambassador.  You will always have your place in my heart !