CH Nicha Mistral des Origines CD 
Glam du Sart des Bois & CH OTCH Nicha Symphonie en mi Bémol amCD HITs VAADC CGC

From Danielle Lemieux, her coowner and with whom Mistral lived for all these years:

"The first contact with Mistral, I was in love; she put her head on my shoulder and it was done, I was under her charm, she would pass her life with me.  I never thought at a so great presence, a so big comfort, a so great loyalty.  We walked so much on Our beach and each time, she was giving me a nose blow on the knee looking at me with her beautiful eyes and each time it was a great happiness moment; we were happy, there at that moment and for close to 15 years.  I think often at her and I still love her.
Thank Michele to have been on my way and to still be on because the happiness continue these days with Louna !!  To follow...
(She left us on December 31th 2010 in our arms)



Mistral is a great girl, she's born from my first oversea breeding, a really great combination.  Sadly I had only three puppies but great quality ones.  Mistral was kept and went to live with a friend who just felt in love with her little puppy face.  She gave and gives her a great home.  Thanks Danielle Lemieux for your great home.  Mistral did her CH very easily with me and her CD with Danielle.  She gave me two beautiful litters and these dogs did and are still doing their marks and are great ambassadors for the breed; just think at C-4, Nova, Gandhi, Token in the USA, Bree from the first litter and Weave, Sonic, Mace, Mieszko, from the second litter.


Mistral & Bémol

Thank Michel Leclerc for the beautiful Mistral's pictures in her last years !