La Loba

Ch Nicha La Loba
canCH Nicha Mieszko Piewszko x canCH Roscoff de la Tangi Morgane CGC


Birth: May 3th 2004
Hips :
BT-4931E43F-VPI excellent
Elbows :  BT-EL2203F43-VPI normal
Eyes:   pending
Thyroid:  Normal on May  2008


Born on May 3th 2004, she has a medium-small size with an excellent character.  She combines excellent working lines from Belgium combined with excellent French lines.  She lives with a very good friend and her husband.  She’s is very active and go in expedition very often with “the man” of the house.  

Commentaries from her co-owner; Emmanuelle F. Chouinard

Nicha La Loba is a bitch born on May 3th 2004.  since her young age, she's the happiness for the Tremblay F. Chouinard's family.  Adopted in co-ownership for potentiel brood bitch later in her life, "la biche", her nickname, is extremely energetic and quick... with her body as her mind !  Adventures nature's crazy, it's so gorgeous to see her to perform amazing feats on the steeps sides' rivers that Michel and Emmanuelle paddle.  On winter time, the sledding and the ski-jorring bring the same enthusiasm in her. Check for her offsprings in the future !


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