CH Nicha Fidel à ses promesses CDX,CGC,TT
Glam du sart des bois x CH OTCH Nicha Symphonie en Mi Bémol UD  

We took home this litter energy fur ball in 1996.  He was our first Belgian Shepherd Dog Tervuren.  Everywhere he was going, he was remarked by his charisma and his exuberant personnality.   Already at the beginning, he showed great working aptitudes who, combined by a big wish to please, did a great versatile competitor; obedience, herding, agility, sledding, conformation and of course I'm sur he would have been great too in other canine sports that we didn't have the chance to try.  If you had the happiness to know him, you remember for sure his best game: "search the little cat" !!!

Thank my loyal friend, for all these beautiful years that you lived with us.  Fidel is now on the rainbow bridge.  You leaved us on March 28th 2004. Love Isabelle

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