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Maigret de la Tangi Morgane (France) X Ch OTCh Nicha Symphonie en Mi Bémol HITs, amCD, VADC, GCG

Hanches:  OFA BT-3586E24M-PI (excellent)
Coudes:   OFA OFA BT-EL01010-PI (normal)
Yeux:     CERF #BT-2759/2009--123 (Septembre 2009)
Thyroïde:  Ok Mai 2001
Von Willebrand ok


Meilleur de la Spécialité (BISS), Spécialité Régionale 2001

Meilleur de la Spécialité (BISS), Spécialité Nationale 2001 

Born on June 24th 1999, he’s a son of my dear Bemol at her last litter, I call him lovingly : the “teenager without acne” or the “lover without heart”.  Charisme “is a disgrace for my dogs’ reputation”.  I all the time had dogs very good education, dogs who know their places (in the Belgian Shepherd dog’s spirit of course!!!).  Charisme has no manners but no malice neither.  He loves the life with all her parts and doesn’t have the time to slow down, even when somebody is in his way.  “BANG” “ah, Hello!  I didn’t see you, I love you” and he continues his way.  Charisme wasn’t suppose to stay at my house but had something irresistible : CHARISMA.  I should admit that I love this little delinquent side, I don’t push to eliminate it, it gives him charm.  He began a very gorgeous show career with many Best Puppy in Group, two Best Puppy in Show, one Best Puppy in a Regional Specialty and one Best in Sweeptake.  Also, he won one Best in Group, one second and one third in Group and all that before one year old.  He did many group placements later too.

He gave me a special dream ; in May 2001, he won BEST OF BREED at the Canadian Speciatly and the day before at the Regional Specialty under two judges-breeders.  More, in the same spring he did his CD with two HIT.  During the summer, he proved his instinct of sheepdog and obtained titles in two agility associations: first he did his ADC with the AAC in June and with the CKC, he did his AGN in August and finished his AGI in September.  Finally, agility’s side, he finished his ATChC in Marsh 2004 and his AGMX in July 2005.  On autumn 2006, he obtained the bronze medal with the AAC. 

We still have many things to try !

His strong points are excellent structure, excellent temperament and health, he proved already that he’s a good stud dog and everywhere he goes, peoples don’t forget him, he was called lately: “Don Juan”!

Charisme is the “new” male in the house; he took the Nick’s place at his way!



1er de groupe Juin 2000