CH Nicha Mon Tout est Une Charade

BIS canCH Shelhaven Shalligy Safari “Corey” x canCH Classy’s Winnie de Nicha AGI AADC MTDC CGC


Hips :
OVC normal
Elbows : 
OVC normal
normal on July 2006, have to be redone

VWD: carrier by ADN


Charade has a temperament and a movement to die for!  I love her very much.  She’s born on April 17th 2004.  She has a great potential and my nieces will be the ones with who she will give her best.   She’s beautiful and has already many points on his canCH.  It’s just me who has to decide to show her to finish, try to organize our schedule my sister and me !

Breeding side, she gaves great temperament with great potential until here !

Finally I finished her Championship, she finished in great style with a Group placement.  My nieces are very busy these days then I will be showing her in agility few time during the summer 2010,  she's the half sister of the famous Copine and Nitro after all !!!!!



Sale et heureuse / Dirty and happy

wpe8.jpg (16780 octets) wpeA.jpg (16660 octets)

wpeC.jpg (15968 octets)