CH OTCH Valter Go Chad
canCH Dinar D'or de Valter & canCH Valter Baraka

1988-09-23 au 2003-11-01 (OFA: BT-1774F47F-T)

With Chad, I discovered the hyperactive side of the Belgian Sheepdog.  The life is so full of things to see, how we can not try to see all!!!  I’m sure it was that she was thinking every day and tried to do!!!  Since, she became calmer a bit but she was all the time ready for some good play games or runs.  Chad is born the September 23rd 1988.

Female very strong physically and mentally, I consider that she was an excellent foundation bitch for my breeding program.  She was the boss with every dog (not with Nick) but not bad, she was so good to provoke Nick that she all the time was able to “drag him along” in her crazy runs.

Her complete name: CH OTCH Valter Go Chad.  She finished her canCH at 10 months old, her CD at 11 months old, her CDX at 20-21 months old and her Utility at three years old (just before her birthday).  She never have the obedience’s passion like Nick but she was doing very well and could have won some HIT too if Nick didn’t have been there, she was often just half or one point under the Nick’s result.  She needed just 4 trials to finish her Utility who is very higher that the average.  I didn’t think that I will do it as fast as that but she benefited of the training’s mistakes I did with Nick (Nick needed 9 trials to finish his UD but it’s my fault !!!).  After to give me three beautiful litters, she was “stole” by friends of mine who loved her very much.  I continued to see her very regularly because they live close to my house.  I was her “aunt” or the “grandmother” but also for her big bad luck the “dr”.

She left us a bit after her 15th birthday but she will stay in our hearts for all our life.