CH OTCH Nicha Symphonie en mi Bémol amCD HITs VAADC CGC
Johan Van de Hoge Laer (Bel. Import) & canCH canOTCH Valter Go Chad

1992-07-07 to 2005-06-02

(OFA: BT-2278G25-F, eyes and thyroid tested many times and all the time normal)

Bemol, my dearest Bemol.  So sensitive yet so "tuff" at the same time.  My beginnings in training were with the hard techniques that which Bémol would not take.  My inner self had to evolve a lot with her (we call that self formation or self improvement!!).   With her I learned all the shrewdness of the Belgian:  the intelligence and know how, the memories they can have and the manipulative side (although Nick could be very good at that, but I hadn’t understood it at that time).  I learned to train with softness and firmness, the ideal technique with any good Belgian.

 Born on the 7th of July 1992.  Bémol was the first Champion of my own breeding who stayed at the kennel.  Without my even knowing it, Bémol would have a grand future.  Her complete name is:  Ch OTCH Nicha Symphonie en mi Bémol amCD VAADC HITs CGC.  Her Canadian championship was completed at the age of nine months, her Companion Dog at fifteen months, her Companion Dog Excellent at two years and her Utility Dog at three years (thirty eight months).  It’s with her that I discovered agility and she obtained her VADC in September 2000 and her VAADC in September 2005 at the age of 12 years young.

 I chose her as a puppy because of her calmer side; she is a Chad daughter after all.  She knew how to give all her energy and potential at any given moment but yes she was very calm when there isn’t anything to do.  She was a very good guard dog and I’ve taken the habit of talking about HER van, not mine. 

 On the reproductive side, she has personally been to Europe twice but all her “boyfriends” were European.  She has proven to be a very good reproducer and I’m very proud to have some of her offspring near me.

You will stay in my heart for all my life, it was an honor to have you with me for all your too short life.