Ch Nicha Spirit Libre Comme l’Air CD HIT's AGXJ AGX AGDC MADC MGDC MJDC NA NAJ

Can/amCH Oridix Alassio x ATChC AGMCH Nicha Sonic Mach Three CD    

Birth: January 10th 2005 
Hips: BT-4756E26F-PI Excellent
Elbows: BT-EL2049F26-PI  Normal
Eyes: BT-3653/2011-09-17 / 2012-09-15
Thyroid: normal in Marsh 2012 (T3 and T4 normal, TgAA negative)
BAER test : negative on September 2009


Dear Spirit, she’s born on January 11th 2005.  She’s sooooo sweet but not for Charisme, she plays ruff with him.  She’s a real bomb with a lot of possibilities if show to her on the positive ways.  She loves everybody and all the dogs and try all the time to stay out of trouble, she’s more “peace and love” type.  She has a head superb and great body.

Her championship has been done rapidly and it was finished in June 2006, under a big rain !  

On agility, she used to perform with my son, Guillaume Dumas.  They are a great young team, she’s so fast and we can see her mom when she’s running !  Now I have the chance to have her as agility partner and I love it.  Since we started our team work just in 2009, we were late on that but we are getting better and better as team.

Obedience side, because Guillaume doesn't like that discipline, I train her since the beginning and I love to work with her.  She has a so beautiful intensity, she’s a very happy teammate that it’s great to have her beside me.  She entered in the obedience ring four times for her CD and we won four High In Trial on four trials, one of them was the one at the Belgian Shepherd Dog National.  After some little problems (infection and paw's wound), we finished her CDX on May 2010 with a beautiful HIT and she repeats a HIT the day after.  We will start the utility training soon (summer or automn 2011).

The life will let us discover other great activities !


Thanks Stephan Lafond for this picture.

Thanks Jacques for this picture