CH Tervfect Atmina pour Nicha

A blue merle...  Before it was not a colour I loved for a Sheltie but as one friend told me in the past: a great dog never has a bad colour !  I could just agree and now, I'm in love with that little bomb and I love the blue merle !  I just can thank you so much my dear friend Monique who let me to have the first choice in that litter, choice that she wanted to keep for her.  The breeding happened just before the accidental dead of my dear Pomme.  Then Mina is her half-sister by Nikki, the mother, and the colour's difference is great, I don't have tendancy to compare.  Anyway, she's already so extraordinary, has energy to sell, love everyone, love to tug, run and bark (surprising for a sheltie), just great in the growing rate.  Rex, my cat, finds her a lot of trouble and sometime he does some "body fighting" with her who would put jealous any great athlete at the olympic ".  Conformation side; beautiful head, neck, body with great angulation, good length tail with a very good movement on every side.


Birth date 31 mai 2010
Hips (Xray) OFA SS-18346E24F-PI excellent
Elbows (Xray) OFA SS-EL638F24-PI normal
Eyes CERF: SS-359237 / 2011-09-17 + 2012-09-15
Von Willebrand disease(VWD) Negative by parentage and by DNA
Thyroid normal in June 2012 (antibody: negative)
BAER test(hearing) normal (September 2010)