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owned by Suzanne Labrie

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Whay may I tell about Eliot ?  he has dad's beauty (a bit less  massive et more tall) as his great structure with superb angulations, a very good rich Mahoganny colour with enough blackening but not too much.  Eliot catches everyone's eye by his calm and proud attitude.  He has a very great confidence in himself and loves the children.  He excels in agility, he's very fast and very serious about his job.  His CH conformation was done pretty fast and Suzanne discovered the obedience with him and his "sister" Copine.  The team Suzanne-Eliot are presently on training and after only few weeks of training (20 weeks), they started trialing in utility (spring 2010).


Birth: January 29th 2003

Hips OFA: BSD-3503F57M-VPI

Elbows OFA: BSD-EL1236M57-VPI
Eyes : Normal 
Thyroid :  







Provincial AAC 2006

4 months old / 4 mois

Merci Lucie Dessureault et Suzanne Labrie pour certaines photos / Thank you Lucie Dessureault and Suzanne Labrie for some pictures