Ch Nicha Bojan au Visage d'Ebene CDX HITs CGN

owned by Karen Lauzier and Michele Gauvin and lives with Karen

(ATChC AGMCH BISSs BPISs BPISS multi placement de groupe CH Nicha Question de Charisme CD HITs x  ATChC Nicha Weave CD HIT)

Ebene doesn't have ennemy whatever you speak about canine or human worlds (and other worlds too), he has an EXCELLENT temperament all in power.  If I could tell from his father Charisme : " has no manners but no malice neither.  He loves the life with all her parts and doesn’t have the time to slow down, even when somebody is in his way.  “BANG” “ah, Hello!  I didn’t see you, I love you” and he continues his way " then same thing for Ebene but twice or third time.  Physically, he has a very good type, EXCELLENT bones and superb coat "a bit" too dark...  He's ALL ALL the time ready for the action but can also have a very adequate temperament, calm, affectionate and sweet etc... in some situations when needed as in zootheray sessions and with the kids at school for sessions of ­''Fudge ŕ l'école'' !


Birth: January 29th 2003

Hips OFA: BT-4403G27M-PI

Elbows OFA: BT-EL1729M27-PI
Eyes : Normal in October 2011
Thyroid : normal in October 2011 (tgaa negative)