The Belgian Sheepherd Dog Tervuren


The Belgian Shepherd Dog Tervuren or the Belgian Tervuren 

At the end of the 19th century, there was a big number of dog’s breed to work on sheep’s herd in Europe.  They were bred more for their working ability that for their type.  The dog’s lovers had a meeting to decide for breed’s characteristics and type who could be recognized officially under the Belgian Sheepdog’s name.  If they agreed for the temperament and the physical characteristics, they couldn’t agree for the coat and the colour.  Then, we can find four varieties of Belgian Sheepdog : two with long coat : the Tervueren and the Groenendael, one with short coat : the Malinois and one with hard coat ; the laekenois who is more rare.  The Belgian Sheepdog became popular in Canada at the end of fifty years.

The Belgian Sheepdog is a strong dog, intelligent and agile.  He’s a excellent herding dog (the reason of his creation), he was used and he’s still used by policeman, was used during the war.  He excels in many dog sports : obedience, conformation, agility, schutzund, tracking, free style,  and of course, herding’s trial.  It’s a solid dog, stable, elegant looking, who carries his head and neck with pride.  His body gives the impression of depth, solidity and soundness with any heaviness.  Temperament side, he’s courageous, agile, in alert all the time and devoted to his owner.  He loves children and he’s a good guard dog.  He uses to be reserved with stranger but without to show fear nor shy and shouldn’t be hostile without reason.  For the people he knows, he’s very affectionate and friendly, looking for attention.

The male’s size at the withers is 24 to 26 inches (61 to 66 cm) and the female’s one is 22 to 24 inches (56 to 61 cm).  It’s a square dog who means that the distance between shoulder’s point to the ischium should be the same that the size of the dog (ground to withers).  It’s normal on female to be a bit longer.  The dog should have good proportions, very good look and be very proud naturally.

The Belgian Sheepdog Tervueren is one of the two long coat varieties.  The colour is from fawn to rich mahogamy or gray (sable), with more or less blackening.  The coat’s pigmentation is double, it means that the hair’s tips are black but the big parts are like the basal colour (fawn to mahogany or gray).  They should have a black mask who is more of less “high” with the ears more black in colour.  The dog’s under part, his tail and his fringes are lighter.  The hair should be straight, half-hard when touched without curve.  The coat is longer around the neck, behind the front legs, behind the thighs and on the tail, all that is more obvious on the male.

Like the Ferrari, the Belgian Sheepdog’s comportements translate fineness, subtlety, sensibility, refinement, power, speed and style.  Some Belgian Sheepdog’s inherent qualities are efficacy, valuation’s capacity and his intelligence.  He also has a big apprenticeship’s capacity and logic analysis.  He’s anti-militarisst, that means he has difficulty to endure abusive repetitions and bad psychological or physical treatments because his dignity.  A iron hand in a velvet glove is more appropriate.

The Belgian’s  initiative spirit, reasoning’s capacity, susceptibility and emotivity are characteritics who will do his happiness or his own unhappiness, all will depend on the owner that the life will give to him.  “The Belgian Sheepdog is able of the better or the worst, all depends of the owner that the hazard will give to him” from Dr Dehasse’s book : Le Berger Belge.

The Belgian Sheepdog should lives close to his family surrounded with love and with a familial’s peace.  He should find his good place in the canine and human’s hierarchy.  To keep a good physical and mental health, he should have as much exercice as his body needs.  The choice of tha good breeder is primordial because the Belgian Sheepdog should be from a good line.  We have temperament problems in this breed who can be genetic.  The breeder should be carefull in the choice of the parents.  But because of the phenotype is even more important that the genetic, the Belgian Sheepdog should be well socialized because he has a sensible and intelligent character.  The young belgians should be well socialized and stimulated to become an very well stable adult.  The breeder choiced should be competent and in love with his breed.  We should be able to exchange with him (her) in complete condifence.

The Belgian Sheepdog is not to put in every hands, for his happiness, he should find a loving owner, subtile, stable and rigorous.  The Belgian’s owner should be constant and rational in his requests.