CH Nicha Suka Spirit Chaser


(Tango-T Dell' Alta Via "Rocky" x Ch Nicha Spirit Libre Comme l’Air CDX HITs AGXJ AGI MADC MJDC MGDC NA NAJ)

owned by Louise Bertrand, Heather MacFarlane et Michèle Gauvin et lives with Heather and Louise

Suka is from the first Spirit's litter,she's as positive as her mother and love the life a lot.  She did her CH in few shows only and she finished completely out of coat in October 2009 !!!  She's a great proud girl, all the time ready for action.  The text who follows is written by her owners Heather and Louise: "Suka was a long awaited companion to our first Belgian, Mohegan.  She arrived in June 2008 and life has not been the same since.  If I had to choose one adjective, it would be enthusiastic.  Whether it be agility, playing ball, dog-sledding, hiking, swimming or having a cuddle, she does everything with an enthusiasm that is contagious.  She is always happy, tail wagging, eyes and ears alert, waiting, hoping to do something with her people.  She is easily trained. She loves to work and although she is very intense she has excellent focus and wants to please her people.  She is a very brave girl.  She will try anything and everything that she is asked to do (and some things that she is not).  She is excellent with people, dogs and all other animals except squirrels.  She loves to be busy and as long as she has a constructive outlet for her energy she is a bundle of fun and a very good pet".

Birth Date : April 23th 2008
HEALTH TESTS  too young
Hips OFA :  
Elbows OFA :  
Eyes CERF :  
Thyroid :  



Thank you to Crystine Condrain and husband, also to Louise et Heather for some pictures